Network Penetration Testing

Identify weaknesses in your internal and external network systems and infrastructure.

The systems, applications and network devices comprising your internal and external network infrastructures are continuously exposed to attacks from a growing number of skilled attackers. Identifying security weaknesses proactively is crucial to protect your systems, both your users and your own confidential information and ultimately your business.

Amplia Security can help you identify security vulnerabilities present in your internal and external networks infrastructure, we will provide advice on how to remediate issues found, determine the current security stance of the networks analyzed and give you overall recommendations.

Testing the security of your network infrastructure will allow you to:

    arrow Identify security vulnerabilities in systems, applications and network devices part of your network infrastructure
    arrow Understand the contextualized risk posed by issues found and the impact of security violations
    arrow Reveal your exposure to internal (e.g.: malicious employees) and external attackers (e.g.: anonymous attackers on the Internet)
    arrow Learn your network's overall security posture and how it can affect your business
    arrow Raise risk and security awareness
    arrow Receive detailed recommendations on how to solve issues found, mitigate identified risks and improve the overall security stance of your network

About Our Methodology

Penetration Testing is the most efficient way to accurately identify security vulnerabilities. It is a method used to evaluate the security of a network, web application, web service, and any other software system or device by using the techniques a hacker would use in a safe and controlled manner.

Amplia Security Penetration Testing Methodology is the result of over 20 years of experience. We focus on manual testing of the systems which allows for the detection of logic flaws and complex vulnerabilities with the help of automated tools to obtain the best results in a time efficient manner.

Tasks performed during a Penetrarion Test include:

    arrow Information gathering
    arrow Vulnerability assessment
    arrow Information Analysis
    arrow Exploitation
    arrow Reporting

Checks performed include and go beyond the following:

    arrow Identification and exploitation of security vulnerabilities present in servers (e.g.: Web Servers, DNS Servers,File servers) routers and other network devices.
    arrow Identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities present in web-based and other types of applications
    arrow Security misconfigurations in applications and network devices
    arrow Proper control of inbound and outbound network traffic
    arrow Analysis of servers and network devices interactions looking for weaknesses and complex attack paths

Our methodology is aimed at finding known and also previously unknown vulnerabilities using different techniques including reverse engineering, instrumentation, manual fault injection, automated fuzzing, creation of custom tools and proof-of-concept code.

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